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Like a Tree - Pictures

Seminar in Gothenburg, Sweden, March 2010

I am actually not sure what the exact teaching was about. 

I remember it had something to do with perception, being present and ready to adapt and change with the environment.

Doshu was talking and suddenly out of the blue he jumped on my bag.
He was laughing a lot. 
We all did.

He did several of these exercises that day with me as ukemi.
But the first one came completely unexpected for everyone in the class – me included.

In a beautiful way, this very moment expressed an essence of his teaching through genuine experience.

By Anders Nejsum

Drawing from seminar in Belgrade, Serbia, November 2019

Belgrade Nov 2019, Sensei was talking about Do; for example, when you are sick…

Upper drawing

Dashed line is Do, one step at the time.  You do it alone. And with time your condition improves.

Solid line with an arrow is a medical treatment, like surgery or chemotherapy. First your condition worsens, then it improves later.  So, doctors make your body weaker to heal it.

Lower drawing

It shows that for both ways there is no guarantee; both can result with no improvement, or worsening, or even death.

By Anamaria