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Aikido Videos

All of Aikido, part 1 to 5. 

Between 1999 to 2001, Yoshigasaki Sensei, made 5 beautiful videos that presents Aikido. They where made at the fantactic La Bellone, house of performing arts, read more and see the 5 videos here…


The Beginner – A meeting between Yoshigasaki Sensei and Yehudi Menuhin

Read more and see the beautiful film made by Allan de Halleux here...


In 2011, Yoshigasaki Sensei made a big update to the examinations paper of KnK.


At a Aikido seminar in late 2011, he asked that a video of 5. to 1. kyu was made, where he calls out the techniques to be done.


So these are just walk-throughs, not real examinations:


5. Kyu walk-through

4. Kyu walk-through

3. Kyu walk-through

2. Kyu walk-through

1. Kyu walk-through

Sensei also encouraged people to do their own videos, as each dojo is unique.

See 21 videos of 5.-1. Kyu, made in 2013 by Heike Howein and Markus Schein.


See a collection of Aikido examinations videos, from 5. Kyu til 4. Dan. The oldest from 1993.

The first 20 Tsuzukiwaza from Michael Winters DVD, can be seen here…

Aikido in Daily Life

Yoshigasaki Sensei produced a video demonstrating how Aikido can be applied to protect yourself.

The video are available in 9 different languages.

Please find them on Highland Ki Society link page (at the buttom)…