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Aikido Videos

All of Aikido, part 1 to 5. 

Between 1999 to 2001, Yoshigasaki Sensei, made 5 beautiful videos that presents Aikido. They where made at the fantactic La Bellone, house of performing arts, read more and see the 5 videos here…


The Beginner – A meeting between Yoshigasaki Sensei and Yehudi Menuhin

Read more and see the beautiful film made by Allan de Halleux here...


In 2011, Yoshigasaki Sensei made a big update to the examinations paper of KnK.


At a Aikido seminar in late 2011, he asked that a video of 5. to 1. kyu was made, where he calls out the techniques to be done.


So these are just walk-throughs, not real examinations:


5. Kyu walk-through

4. Kyu walk-through

3. Kyu walk-through

2. Kyu walk-through

1. Kyu walk-through

Aikido in Daily Life

Yoshigasaki Sensei produced a video demonstrating how Aikido can be applied to protect yourself.

The video are available in 9 different languages.

Please find them on Highland Ki Society link page (at the buttom)…