Ki no


Ki no

Like a Tree

Doshu is the trunk upon which our branches and leaves continue to grow and reach for the sky.

Like a Tree

From the roots…

Doshu has shown us that aikido is an art, which means that we have the right and the duty to explore new directions and to find our own aikido path. However, evolution doesn’t necessarily entail creating something entirely new. That’s why it is crucial to innovate while respecting tradition and understanding our origins.

…to the sky

The goal of this project is to collectively build our shared tradition. Through this collective effort, we can also contribute creating a common culture that empowers each dojo to discover its unique path.


We propose collecting and sharing testimonies or archives that would help reconstruct our common history with respect to the Yoshigasaki Sensei.

Texts: Anecdotes and both serious and amusing stories from your experiences with the Doshu to paint a portrait of him. Comments on his teachings, or on the concepts he developed.

Pictures: Any types of pictures. It is best to provide a brief explanation of the context and try to convey the significance of the image.

Videos: Videos of Doshu teaching, as well as videos of him in his daily life. Limit the time of the video to maximum 10-15 minutes. Additionally, interviews of people who have insights about Doshu, or his teachings. Upload the videos on platforms like YouTube or Vimeo and send the link along with information about when and where it was recorded. Alternatively, send the video in case you are not using any of the platforms. Please aim for brevity and ensure good sound quality; avoid adding music.


All your testimonials will gradually build up an important archive, from which we’ll be publishing some extracts every month on the KnK Musubi web page.

Please contribute by sending the materials/links to the email:

Contact us in case you have any questions or suggestions.
Alain de Halleux (Belgium),
Anders Nejsum (Denmark),
Anamaria Horvat (Croatia).

Come un Albero
Comme un arbre
Como un Árbol
Wie ein Baum
Like a Tree