Aikido Seminars


Aikido seminar in Stuttgart with Bruno Maule

Ki & Aikido Dojo Stuttgar Trochtelfinger Str. 9 A, Stuttgart, Germany

6/7-7/7-2024 - Aikido seminar in Stuttgart with Bruno Maule, Shihan. Poster: English This seminar is financed by the Solidarity Fund.

3th international Summer Aikido Seminar in Denmark with Carsten and Michael

Stevns hallen Parkvej 4, Store Heddinge, Denmark

13/7-18/7-2024 - 3th. international Summer Aikido seminar in Stevns, Denmark with Carsten Møller and Michael Holm. We are happy to invite you to the third international summer seminar with Carsten Møller (7. dan) and Michael Holm (6. dan), taking place from Saturday the 13th of July until Thursday the 18th of July. Once again, the seminar will take place in Stevns (50 km south of Copenhagen) – close to both the sea and beautiful nature. So bring your hiking boots and your swimsuit! And like last year, we will invite different teachers from home and abroad to teach the morning/misogi classes. Read more and sign up here: Organised by Ki-Selskabet. -- Pictures from 2023: Inside dojo - Outside dojo -  

Michael Holm Aikido Seminar in Zagreb

Kineziološki fakultet Horvaćanski zavoj 15, Zagreb, Croatia (Local Name: Hrvatska)

Michael Holm aikido Seimnar Zagreb 21.-22.9.2023. More info later... Friday, September  20th., there are sightseeing at the beautiful lakes with waterfall at Plitvice Lakes National Park, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention. See more images here.. If possible we will do some Bokken/Jo practice and maybe some kind of Misogi.  

Aikido for solid men in Leimen with Maik Fiedermann

Aikido Rhein Neckar Dojo Heltenstraße 1, Leimen, Germany

"Aikido for ‘solid men’ “ Practicing what can only be practiced with men of similar build (95+ kg, 180+ cm). In club training and seminars, there are often Aikidoka who are significantly taller, heavier, and stronger than most others. In this workshop, we have the opportunity to practice Aikido with men of similar stature. Ki tests, including unbendable arm and unraisable body. Kumi Waza (partner techniques) with strong partners to clearly explore and experience the difference between ‘with Ki’ and ‘with strength.’ Exchange of personal experiences. Open to Aikidoka of all styles and associations. Poster: leimen_20241012e 2


Aikido in Madrid with Michael

Gimnasio Bushidokwai C/ Donoso Cortes 53, Madrid, Spain

19/10-20/10-2024 - Aikido in Madrid with Michael Holm. Schedule (might be changed): Saturday : 11:40-13:00 h 13:00-13:10 Free 13:10-14:30 h 17:40-19:00 h 19:00-19:10 Free 19:10 - 20:30 h Sunday: 11.00-12.20 h 12.20-12.30 Free 12:30-14:00 h   More info and registration:

€40 – €80

Aikido in Buenos Aires with Michael Holm

Ki Aikido Buenos Aires Facultad de Ciencias Exactas y Naturale, Buenos Aires, Argentina

8/11-10/11-2024 - Aikido seminar in Buenos Aires with Michael Holm We invite you to participate in the 15th International Seminar - Ki Aikido Buenos Aires 2024, which will take place in Buenos Aires - Argentina, between Friday 8/11/2024 and Sunday 10/11/2024 in the gymnasium of the 1st floor of the Pavilion II of Ciudad Universitaria - Faculty of Exact and Natural Sciences and will be led by Sensei Michael Holm. For more information later.    

Aikido in Ljubljana with Michael Holm

Ljubljana Ljubljana, Slovenia

December 7 & 8 . 2024 - Aikido in Ljubljana, Slovenia with Michael  (maybe also the December 6th.!) Come join the xmas lights in Ljubljana. More info later. Organised by Aikidōm