Aikido Seminars


Aikido for solid men in Leimen with Maik Fiedermann

Aikido Rhein Neckar Dojo Heltenstraße 1, Leimen, Germany

"Aikido for ‘solid men’ “ Practicing what can only be practiced with men of similar build (95+ kg, 180+ cm). In club training and seminars, there are often Aikidoka who are significantly taller, heavier, and stronger than most others. In this workshop, we have the opportunity to practice Aikido with men of similar stature. Ki tests, including unbendable arm and unraisable body. Kumi Waza (partner techniques) with strong partners to clearly explore and experience the difference between ‘with Ki’ and ‘with strength.’ Exchange of personal experiences. Open to Aikidoka of all styles and associations. Poster: leimen_20241012e 2